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Personal statements from some of Jim's colleagues and supporters

Kelly Shackelford, President, First Liberty Institute:
I have known Jim Pikl for over 25 years and fully support and endorse him. Having worked with him on numerous important civil rights cases involving religious liberty, I can tell you he is a solid Constitutional Conservative and does not waver. We can trust him to faithfully decide cases using the rule of law and not his own personal opinions. I give him my highest endorsement and urge everyone to support and vote for him to serve us as a Justice on the 5th Court of Appeals.

Matt Shaheen, Texas State Representative:
For years, I have known Jim Pikl to be an outstanding lawyer and Christian brother. His wide and deep legal experience speaks for itself, and if there is one court where we really need that kind of experience, it is the 5th Court of Appeals. I give him my highest endorsement and urge all liberty-loving Republicans to support and vote for him for Justice, Place 12, on the 5th Court of Appeals in 2018.

Nick Adams, Founder, FLAGUSA.org:
Jim Pikl is an outstanding lawyer and member of the community. Throughout the more than three decades of his practicing law, he has demonstrated a tethering to the founding principles and documents of our country. With this trifecta of experience, temperament and personification of American values, he would be a marvelous choice for the 5th Court of Appeals.

Jim Moseley, Justice, 5th Court of Appeals (retired):
I was blessed and honored to serve on the 5th Court of Appeals for over 18 years. And I've known Jim Pikl for a long time--both professionally and personally. Jim possesses the legal expertise, wise judgment, and personal integrity that will make him a successful and respected justice. I'm confident he will faithfully apply the law and will give each case the care and unbiased attention it deserves. I am proud to give Jim Pikl my highest endorsement, and I encourage everyone to help elect him to this important position.

Cathie Adams, First Vice-President, Eagle Forum; Past Chair, Republican Party of Texas:
Voters need to elect a judge with a record of proving he will hold strictly to the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law. Jim Pikl is that man. He has the experience and proven record to be an outstanding judge. I ask my friends to vote for Jim Pikl.

Bill Stone, Partner, Scheef & Stone, LLP:
In the 20-plus years I've known Jim Pikl he has consistently demonstrated the highest standards of personal character and integrity. He’s also smart, strong, and fair, and he’s passionate about seeing justice done. I’m proud to endorse Jim for the 5th Court of Appeals.

Bob Jenevein, Former Dallas District Court Judge:
Jim Pikl is one of those rare candidates that combines vast experience and a profound human perspective. He understands not only the practical implications of a ruling, but also how that ruling fits into the history of our jurisprudence. We need that kind of Justice to help guide our culture through the ominous storms of our time.

Brian Loughmiller, former Mayor of McKinney, Texas:
I have known Jim both personally and professionally and have worked with him in trial relying on his appellate expertise in ensuring that should an appeal or response to an appeal be necessary that as a trial attorney I have protected the interests of my clients. Jim has my support for Justice of the 5th District Court of Appeals due to his knowledge and skill set as an appellate attorney and due to his guiding principles as a family man, a man of faith, and his understanding of the role of an appellate court and the judiciary as set out in our Constitution.

Terri Miller, President, Star Republicans of North Texas:
Jim Pikl will provide an effective voice in the preservation of our Constitutional rights. His years of dedication in fighting for legal fairness for all makes him the right choice for right now. I endorse him for the Fifth Court of Appeals, Place 12, in 2018.

Keresa Richardson, Activist:
I support Jim Pikl for Justice because he has proven litigation experience. He is also a man of integrity and good judgement. If I had a case before the 5th Court of Appeals, I would want a man who knows the law and is unbiased to be hearing that case.

Charles Bundren, Civil Rights Attorney:
I am happy to endorse Jim Pikl for the Dallas Court of Appeals. I have known Jim for over 30 years. He is a true Constitutional conservative, a hard worker, and has a constant eye on where to find justice. He will make a great member of the Dallas Court of Appeals.

Lori Loftin, Patriot Texas:
Jim is ethical, honest and responsible. Through years of trial experience, he understands the duty of the court and respects the Rule of Law. Yet, he is fair and disciplined with sharp leadership. I believe Jim is the best Conservative candidate for Justice, 5th Court of Appeals, Place 12.

Greg Noschese, Mesquite City Councilman and trial attorney:
I am proud to support Jim Pikl for the 5th Court of Appeals. Not only is he an outstanding lawyer but he has a healthy passion for the Constitution and just the right temperament to serve Texas and uphold the rule of law.

David Spoede, friend and colleague:
I strongly endorse Jim Pikl as a candidate for the Court of Appeals for the Fifth District of Texas. I've known Jim well for 20 years and have been consistently and deeply impressed with his legal knowledge, the sharpness of his mind, and his abilities as a lawyer. But, most importantly, I've been impressed with Jim's unwavering commitment to conservative political philosophies, including his commitment to following the law. Within the boundaries of the law, Jim will fight to ensure that justice is done. The voters of North Texas could not choose a better person than Jim Pikl to be a judge on the Fifth District Court of Appeals.

Ray H Myers, Political Activist, Texas Conservative Action Network:
I confidently recommend Attorney Jim Pikl for the position of Justice for the 5th Court of Appeals. In the past few months, I have examined, listened, and sought out information from trusted colleagues about the ethics and background of Jim Pikl. In all discussions, I have found an excitement and commitment for his candidacy for this position. With 31 years of legal experience, a trust in the Constitution and the Bible, I earnestly endorse his candidacy for Justice on the 5th Court of Appeals.

Jim Loose, Parental Rights Activist:
G.K. Chesterton once said that Progressives are in the business of creating new problems, and Conservatives are in the business of failing to solve them. Jim Pikl isn't either of those! Would you like to have a practical man who also happens to be a brilliant legal scholar on one of the most important Courts of Appeals, not only in Texas but in the nation? Someone not in the business of creating new problems? Someone not in the business of failing to see obvious solutions to existing problems ... and then having the courage and integrity to actually (gasp!) SOLVE them? Then Jim Pikl is the person you want on the Dallas Court of Appeals. Vote for him. Work for him to get him there. Seldom will you have such a chance to make things better as you do now by putting Jim Pikl on the Dallas Court of Appeals.

Personal Biography
Jim Pikl is a Texas litigation and appellate attorney with 31 years experience involving hundreds of cases in state and federal courts all over the country. His work has concerned subjects such as parental rights, First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment Constitutional issues, complex commercial and consumer litigation, class actions, and the right to life. He has been involved in over 500 civil, criminal, and family lawsuits and over 70 appellate matters, and has published numerous law review articles and legal articles on topics as diverse as usury law, arbitration, attorney’s fees, the DTPA, and the federal Robinson-Patman Act. Jim is board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Consumer and Commercial Law, one of only 73 such lawyers in Texas. His broad and deep understanding of the law, clear thinking skills, Biblical discernment, and steady judicial temperament will serve the citizens of Texas well when their disputes end up before him for a resolution.:

Jim and Joanie have been married for 26 years and reside in McKinney.

Judicial Philosophy

In his 31 years of legal practice, Jim Pikl has seen much of what the judiciary does well, and much of what it does not as well. This history with courts and fellow lawyers all over the United States forms his judicial philosophy based on actual experience, and not mere academic knowledge. To Jim, a good judge:

  • Believes that justice delayed is justice denied, and strives for speedy rulings
  • Enforces the rule of law as it is written, not as he might like it to be
  • Considers in a fair, impartial manner all of the arguments made by counsel
  • Agrees that lawyers usually know more about their case than the judge, and allows them to present it as they see fit
  • Understands the unique role of the judiciary in our Constitutional system of government, and honors it
  • Strives to do justice to the cause and the parties
  • Every case, every time, without exception

These statements are more than just words to Jim. Because he has practiced and studied the law for over three decades and has been in the trenches representing clients on both sides of virtually every issue, he knows that only if these positions are consistently applied and respected by the judiciary can our system function for the good of the true owners of this country: the people. Those coming into his courtroom can count on these principles informing every decision he makes.

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