About Jim

Jim Pikl is a Texas trial and appellate attorney with 31 years experience involving hundreds of cases in state and federal courts all over the country. His work has concerned subjects such as parental rights, First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment Constitutional issues, complex commercial and consumer litigation, class actions, and the right to life. He has been involved in over 500 civil, criminal, and family lawsuits and over 70 appellate matters, and has published numerous law review articles and legal articles on topics as diverse as usury law, arbitration, attorney’s fees, the DTPA, and the federal Robinson-Patman Act. Jim is board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Consumer and Commercial Law, one of only 73 such lawyers in Texas. His broad and deep understanding of the law, clear thinking skills, Biblical discernment, and steady judicial temperament will serve the citizens of Texas well when their disputes end up before him for a resolution.

Jim and Joanie have been married for 26 years and reside in McKinney.

Judicial Philosophy

In his 31 years of legal practice, Jim Pikl has seen much of what the judiciary does well, and much of what it does not as well. This history with courts and fellow lawyers all over the United States forms his judicial philosophy based on actual experience, and not mere academic knowledge. To Jim, a good judge:

  • Believes that justice delayed is justice denied, and strives for speedy rulings
  • Enforces the rule of law as it is written, not as he might like it to be
  • Considers in a fair, impartial manner all of the arguments made by counsel
  • Agrees that lawyers usually know more about their case than the judge, and allows them to present it as they see fit
  • Understands the unique role of the judiciary in our Constitutional system of government, and honors it
  • Strives to do justice to the cause and the parties
  • Every case, every time, without exception

These statements are more than just words to Jim. Because he has practiced and studied the law for over three decades and has been in the trenches representing clients on both sides of virtually every issue, he knows that only if these positions are consistently applied and respected by the judiciary can our system function for the good of the true owners of this country: the people. Those coming into his courtroom can count on these principles informing every decision he makes.

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